"It's hard to describe my creative process and the ways that I am able to create what I do. For me, it's a very intuitive form of expression that can be easily triggered while listening to a great song or by simply watching someone else fulfill their creative passion and translate their own vision into the world. Whether it is a culinary chef, a writer, a singer, a jewelry maker... they are all tapping into something special, and I love that. It inspires me."

Christina Baker (Owner)

Christina Baker Design is a full service, Los Angeles-based floral design studio.


We bring the visions of our clients to life through stunning arrangements and décor designed to evoke the perfect mood. Whether you are hosting a fundraising gala, corporate party, intimate wedding or other celebration, Christina Baker Design will create and deliver elegance, style and beauty. Our reputation for exceptional attention to detail and flawless execution is the hallmark of our business.


Before following her passion for floral design, Christina Baker worked in Wealth Management. Her experience in planning and budgeting, as well as her innate ability to anticipate the needs of her high-profile clients, all contribute to Christina's sound business acumen.


Her love of nature and being outdoors, as well as her deep appreciation and passion for music, has allowed Christina to connect with her creative side from a very young age.


Christina is a good listener and always connects with the story and the meaning behind things in her life. She uses these skills when working with her clients and helps them make their vision a reality.


Christina believes every event, no matter the size, should be crafted to tell a larger story, and she will experiment with texture, pattern and color to bring that story to life. Whether your event calls for vintage or modern, country chic or simple elegance, Christina will work with you to create the impeccable décor you deserve.


We welcome the opportunity to be your preferred floral design studio in Los Angeles.


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